Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten
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Defender's Quest 中文全成就指南
โดย M@nkey
游戏分为普通模式和new game+模式,普通模式通关后可以开启new game+模式,继承普通模式的英雄等级技能,守护者等级武器等等,当然敌人也更强力。 游戏中有6种守护者,每种守护者中的第一个为英雄守护者,其他为雇佣守护者,英雄和雇佣守护者没有任何区别,只是和游戏中的几个成就有关联。 游戏可以通过选项中的accessibility菜单调整经验和金钱的获得比例,最高为300%,但并不是能调整比例就是变为简单,那只是让更快的接近变态难度。 每关(除了前2关)都有...
NG+ Endless Challenge 2 Guide (Wave 300+)
โดย TacticaL
How to reach wave 300+ in NG+ Endless Challenge 2....
Notizen aus dem Tal der Verlassenen (German)
โดย Marbur
Reisenotizen von den Abenteuern im Tal der Verlassenen. Vieleicht können sie jemandem nutzen?...
Strange Monument (Uncoded)
โดย =[RoS]=Justinpcgamer
For those of us who are tired of dredging through "hints" or the forums, here are the answers. All of the information compiled here was thanks to the hard work of the decoders in the Steam Forums for this game. While I solved a few of these after some hint...
New Game + and your Spec
โดย =[RoS]=Justinpcgamer
New Game +, How difficult is it? Many of us have already gotten to New Game + and maybe beat the game obtaining 1 gold star on the last few levels. The problem is once you reach the home stretch spec becomes EVERYTHING . If you want to bea...
Official Modding Guide
โดย lars.doucet
Official guide for modding the game, written by lead developer Lars Doucet. Work in Progress :)...
300% more experience and scrap (gold)
โดย ppTakashi
Most of you know this, but for those who don't: Go to option then accessibility , ther you can set your rewards for XP and scrap to 300%. This will make the game quicker and easier (and sometimes more fun). Also I recommend to change the p...
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