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PlanetSide 2: Optimization Tweaks for UserOptions.ini and More
tekijältä AyleidRuin
Optimize "UserOptions.ini" for the Best Quality and the Best Framerate for PlanetSide 2. Network and System Tweaks Included with References. Along with Non Native Resolution Arguments....
The Awesome World of PlanetSide 2 Art
tekijältä ObsidianMinor
This is a guide for people that want to get started with art in PlanetSide 2 and any game at all!...
Launcher Autoplay
tekijältä Flaim
So you are tired of always having to click the "Launch" button on your PS2 launcher? I have the fix for that!...
The Ninjas of Planetside 2 - an Infiltrator Stalker Cloak guide
tekijältä GuardianofOceans
The Stalker Cloak is widely considered the most useless ability that the Infiltrator has at their disposal. I think, however, that it has some potential to be a very fun playstyle if used correctly. Come find out how in this guide!...
The Complete Sunderer Guide.
tekijältä Baros Deschain
This guide is designed to be the best guide possible for loading up and deploying a Sunderer, from the mobile spawn point to the ever-elusive gun truck setup. A lot of this *will* be opinions, though they are formulated with many hours of gametime to back...
Certen für Anfänger [Outdated]
tekijältä DasGunterlie
Wie man am besten seine ersten Certs verschleudert - Basics für alle Klassen und Fahr-/Flugzeuge Übersetzung/Überarbeitung von Pentregarth s Guide [url=
Leading a Public Squad
tekijältä LowBitLovecraft
Hello fellow cat herder! You've recently come into possession of a group of warriors too rebellious, too new, or too lacking in certain faculties to be allowed into a proper outfit. These are the outcasts of Planetside 2. These are the misfits of the batt...
How to get free stuff in Planetside 2 (LEGIT AND UPDATED - 4th July)
tekijältä √2
In this guide, now very serious guide, i will explain you how to get free stuff using codes....
Beginner's Guide to PlanetSide 2
tekijältä Arrow
A simple, straightforward, and thorough guide to PlanetSide 2....
Cert Farming 101 - crops not included
tekijältä GuardianofOceans
Whether you're just getting started at Planetside 2 and desperately need some cash to get yourself started, or you want to get some costly unlock, you're going to need certs. You could of course play the game, or you could try and actually farm certs in h...