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Planetside 2 Optimization for Dummies
by The Regurgitator
Help, I have low fps and the game is unplayable! Don't rage-uninstall, for I have compiled a guide of Planetside 2 settings and system fixes that will (probably) boost your FPS and give you an edge in battle!...
The Ninjas of Planetside 2 - an Infiltrator Stalker Cloak guide
by GuardianofOceans
The Stalker Cloak is widely considered the most useless ability that the Infiltrator has at their disposal. I think, however, that it has some potential to be a very fun playstyle if used correctly. Come find out how in this guide!...
Maneuvering, Dogfighting and Surviving in your ESF (WIP)
by BlueVenom
A guide about how i fly and tips and tricks to help you fly better. Also dog fighting tips. Surviving longer, and maneuvers....
PlanetSide 2 - The Compleate Loadout Guide
by Jdbener
(Up Front Note: This guide is still a work in progress not all of the gameplay mechanichs have been put in and not all of the builds have been tested with NC or TR. Youtube videos are coming soon! If requested i will add in how much everything costs. Also...
Mastering the MANA Turret
by Wrel
When you think of the MANA Turret, you probably think of a glowing beacon of get-you-shot-in-the-face. And if you do, you're probably right. But the MANA Turret can be extremely powerful in the hands of a knowledgeable Engineer. This guide is gonna help y...
Light Assault Academy - Learn the Light Assault v0.7
by TheFreak1407
Are you new to Planetside 2? Trying to learn a new class? Or just want to learn all about your favorite one? Or maybe you just want to know your fellow comrades so you can better cooperate with your squad!? Well if you want a new favorite or want to learn...
How to get massive dank money
by Tweezy
STEP2: sell it for meore Step 1: BUY LOTS OF WEED. step 3: and your done step 5: Become memebr and get quad money. :alyx:...
Buckshot: A guide to shotguns
by Ashton
Carbines, Rifles, SMGs and LMGs are fine, but what about real stopping power? What about the ability to down an enemy at close range before they even know what hit them? If you're asking yourself these questions, then you must be wondering if there are an...
ESF - Mosquito / Reaver / Scythe - Air 2 Air Guide
by Stylosa
Stylosa goes into detail on his ESF (Empire Specific Fighter) Air 2 Air (A2A) setup. This guide focuses on the TR's Mosquito, however the standard tactics and load-outs apply to both the Vanu (Scythe) and NC (Reaver). Basic air combat concepts are covered...
Infiltrator Academy - Learn to be the Shadows of Auraxis! v0.3
by TheFreak1407
Welcome to the Infiltrator Academy! This is one of the most advanced schools of Auraxis that will teach you to become the best damn Infiltrator your Empire will have to offer. Learn to become an advanced soldier, a REAL Infiltrator and most of all, earn y...
Cert Farming 101 - crops not included
by GuardianofOceans
Whether you're just getting started at Planetside 2 and desperately need some cash to get yourself started, or you want to get some costly unlock, you're going to need certs. You could of course play the game, or you could try and actually farm certs in h...
How to waste 20 dollars.
by Toast Of Doom
The absolute best way to waste 20 dollars on Planetside 2!...
Factions: The Basics
by Tee
You've probably already declared your allegiance to your chosen Empire, but what's so great about yours, exactly? Hopefully, this guide will provide you with the basics about Planetside 2's three empires....
Beginner's Guide to PlanetSide 2
by Arrow
A simple, straightforward, and thorough guide to PlanetSide 2....
Certing for beginners
by Pentregarth
How to spend your first certs in Planetside 2 - basics for all classes and vehicles....
Leading a Public Squad
by LowBitLovecraft
Hello fellow cat herder! You've recently come into possession of a group of warriors too rebellious, too new, or too lacking in certain faculties to be allowed into a proper outfit. These are the outcasts of Planetside 2. These are the misfits of the batt...
How to get free stuff in Planetside 2 (LEGIT AND UPDATED - 4th July)
by abandon is love abandon is life
In this guide, now very serious guide, i will explain you how to get free stuff using codes....
Checking Your Ping In Planetside 2
by NC4Life
A way to check your ingame ping...
Support Your Troops: Engineer
by Nemecks. Timelord.
An engineers guide to helping others, surviving, and equipment....
Certing your Vanu character - The ultimate compendium
by GhostFalcon
This guide will reflect my personal opinion on what to cert for every single class and vehicle (Vanu only) in Planetside 2. I will not discuss different weapons at this point, but I will state my reasoning for every single upgrade/attachment and possibly...
As of June 19, 2014, F key = ammo pack now engies! No excuses!
by Card176
Obselete now that SoE changed it to the F button, yay for QoL! ...
What is your Sunderer, and what does it do?
by GuardianofOceans
This is a somewhat in-depth guide about the Sunderer in Planetside 2. Includes treatment of all the unlockables and a few strategies on how to effectively use the Sunderer....
How to have free station cash in a legit way [OUTDATED]
by MegaDerf
There are a lot of illegal ways to have station cash without paying anything, but I'm going to show you a totally legit one....
How not to be a useless scrub while playing Medic.
by Fan Sea
When I play Planetside 2, there's always this one thing that irks me the most. That thing is useless Combat Medics. This short guide will run you through some things you should know and do if you have decided to take up the Medic's role. You have your cer...
Certen für Anfänger [Outdated]
by DasGunterlie
Wie man am besten seine ersten Certs verschleudert - Basics für alle Klassen und Fahr-/Flugzeuge Übersetzung/Überarbeitung von Pentregarth s Guide [url=
Planetside 2 Commands Guide
by NC4Life
A guide to teach you all the chat commands in Planetside 2 and what they do....
A Less Confusing Planetside 2
by Godofdrakes
A variety of information not covered by many other guides. This guide assumes you already know the basics of play and/or have some gameplay experience....
by [LCH] Dinshin
Light Assault: Gearing Up, Certing Out, and Flying Off
by TheBlueMagician
This guide provides three different builds for the Light Assault class: a beginner build, mid/long range team oriented build, and short range build. Each build discusses basic strategies and objectives that should be focused on....
PlanetSide 2 Windows 7/Vista Animated Wallpaper
by Balrog
Preview: Wallpaper Preview Orginal topic: Reddit: [url=
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