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Metallik_Monster 8 ago 2013, ore 18:41
Im thinking of dwnloading, but...
i just wanted to ask weather this game is better then LOTRO, and also that is this game completely free or there is like a limit of levels that F2P players can reach then we have to fo rme, i have never paid for a game so i got bored of LOTRO pretty fats cuuz it has a level limit for f2p, so is there the same problem for Vanguard too?
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Big Chimpin 10 ago 2013, ore 11:18 
I don't know what the limits are, I'm not higher level so I haven't encountered restrictions. But I don't really think you can compare it much to LOTRO. There are similarities but they are quite different. Vanguard is more of an old school MMO. Personally I find it entertaining. Is it the most amazing MMO I've ever played? Well no. But I'd say it's worth a download just to find out. And don't just play for an hour then give up. Give it a bit, it might not seem too exciting right out of the gate. The diplomacy system is unique and almost a simplistic form of Magic the Gathering in a way.
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Metallik_Monster 10 ago 2013, ore 20:21 
Light Soul 16 set 2013, ore 19:28 
This game have better reroll values that lotro since the world is larger. Also Vanguards free to play is much better than Lotro where you have to buy alot of questpacks and expansions to get far. Lotro is great for an adventure but its not so much fun the second time you play another character. Also the combat in Lotro isnt known to be very good but a few classes are good.

You can play Vanguard like EQ2 and EQ1 to high level you can play without spending a dime but you would be weaker that one who payed.
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