Age of Conan: Unchained OLD

Age of Conan: Unchained OLD

Hows it so far?
Ive been meaning to dl and play this game so i have a few questions, like hows the lag and how are the graphics. i like brutal pve since i cant seem to understand pvp unless its in star conflict. i may eventually turn to pvp but for now hows the pve?

is leveling mostly just grinding and such or do you level via quests or a bit of both? is it worth the 19.7 GB im sacrificing to dl it?
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Leif Aug 26, 2013 @ 10:56am 
The game is from 2008 but still has far better graphics than most of it's competitors.

Not sure what is meant with brutal pve.
It often looks quite brutal when your char by chance makes a fatality move and for example decapitates it's oponent. (mobs can do it to your char vice versa if they have a much higher level)
You can take a look on youtube for the fatality moves.

The levelling is mainly done by questing. Despite the many interesting quests there also quite a lot of repetetive ones where you have to kill x of those enemies or collect y of whatever.
But that's not that surprising.

You can grind if you want. But it does not make much sense till you reach lvl 80 (max.).

You better start with PvE cause the controls are bit unusual and there is quite a lot to learn regarding movenment etc. On a PvP server one probably gets farmed the whole day if he is not used to the gameplay.

Before you download these 20 GB make sure your computer can handle the game.
It is already happy with a dual core and graphics >= nvidia 250 gts. More power of cause helps.
If you have onboard graphics or cpu built in graphics only, better stay away.
im astonished i havent hit a lag at all. playing on the best graphics too.
i love it its a gem among mmos
gets kinda boring since combat is nearly impossible with creatures your own level. its a pain
Leif Sep 4, 2013 @ 5:36am 
To fight one oponent with the same level hasn't been a problem for me at all.
Also two mostly isn't that difficult if you make sure to hit both at the same time.

Maybe I can help you with a few hints.

Use a bow or whatever ranged attack you have to pull only one or at least a few opponents at a time.

(The first 20 mobs you kill per day which have a level >= yours give extra xp)

Try to team up with players you find at the same spot you are at who seem to do the same quests. (SHIFT-rightklick the player on screen and choose "invite into group"). You'll get full XP for all the mobs killed by your group mates.

Do not use the mouse to click the hit buttons but use the keyboard (1,2,3). Otherwise you are in trouble. Instead use the mouse while holding the right button to turn your char.

Make use of combos which will be available from level 10 on.
Try to find a guides in the web to get hints which skills to choose.

Best thing is to arrive at Tortage with level 5. You will have level 5 and a couple of items and money already if you kill everything on the beach and in the whole area till you go through the gate after killing the gorillas.
There is a chest underwater behind the place where you awake, another one far to the right of the beach guarded by crocos and a third one in the temple which is left hand of the gate in front of which Sadur is standing.

In Tortage go to the amor vendor and buy all the parts of gear you have not found yet and you can afford. It's pretty crappy stuff but better than nothing.

Make sure you always have enough health potions. If you think the fight will be close, use a potion in the moment you start the combat or at least early on.

Special hint:
If you press a movement button twice (WASD), your char jumps into that direction and you get a buff. So if you press WW, your char jumps forward and for the next few seconds you have the chance to stun your opponent with the following hits of yours.
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churley1965 Sep 15, 2013 @ 8:22am 
it's not a bad game, but IMO they concetrated mainly on the visual appeal and not much else, the environments are pretty good, as well as the character generator, but the combat system is hard to get used to; you can't craft until lvl 20 and up to that lvl it's pretty much just questing, your in the starting area till lvl20 (small city of Tortage), so its gets really repetative and boring; there is no lvl indication in the quests log so you pretty much have to just try it and see; the aggro is insane, no matter where you are you'll usually aggro everything in the area (at least I seem to do that), I've never fought less than 4 enemies at one time, if you get anywhere near an enemy you will aggro it, it would be nice if they toned down the aggro range a bit; there are tons of quests to do and it's kind of kool that your destiny quest line is connected to your class. All in all, I wouldn't pay for the game but it is worth playing since its free.
i gave up on it. i mean serously i prefer morrowind to any game
LunyMoony Sep 21, 2013 @ 5:21pm 
Incunabulum Sep 22, 2013 @ 9:05pm 
Originally posted by {ETOG} Blackened.Angelwings:
gets kinda boring since combat is nearly impossible with creatures your own level. its a pain

Really? I've been playing with the 3 mage classes (finally settled on HoX) and find all three can handle 2-3 simultaneous same level mobs.

Of course if even *one* of those mobs is a single level higher than me that's a whole different ballgame.
Hax_The_Unjust Sep 24, 2013 @ 3:16am 
Low population kills the game. You can't casually play, you must join a clan, then it becomes a job... because you have to lay out a date and time of when your clan is going to take part in a siege or do a PVP event. There is nothing casual and fun about AoC, its more work. I have a level 80 barbarian, 80 tempest of set and couple other 50s... when the game launched I played the crap out of it. Then the population died out and the game become a ghost town and just became unfun for the casual player.
Dank Memes Oct 23, 2013 @ 6:56am 
it all depends on what you have in your pc. what are your specifications ?
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