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dynastystar 2013年8月30日 15時41分
Bought this game, anybody wanna play co-op?
I bought this game with the new weekly humble bundle, and I wanna play it the way it was intended, co-op. So I'm looking for friendly people to play with(not a totally rude ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ or something.) By that, I mean people that are fun to be around and have fun playing games with.
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Sarsipius 2013年8月30日 17時58分 
Add me,i'll give it a try. Tried playing it solo and it wasn't that much fun but I'll give it a try co-op
Premchand 2013年8月31日 7時40分 
You can add me if you like to play this game together
The Wanderer 2013年8月31日 11時50分 
Since u are new to game, u should do solo first. Get gold to unlock perks and potions before joining online.
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