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Hans Brotmeister 2013年8月29日上午5:01
Keys for DM Mode not rebindable?
First, I honestly believe that this is a kind of game that should be played with a gamepad. However, despite saying "Full Controller Support" at the store page the controller doesn't work with DM Mode. That's already annoying in itself but the real problem is that the keybinds for that mode don't seem to be rebindable. I'm left-handed as well as using a non-american keyboard and DM Mode is barely playable for me as it is. As soon as I want to possess a creature or control the boss I can't possibly do well.

So my question is:
Will these 2 problems (not supporting controllers, can't change keybinds) will be addressed soon? I got Dungeonland mainly for DM Mode since it looks hell of a lot fun. Sadly I can't enjoy it properly at this rate.
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