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i buy it without DLC at less than 5€ : what i think ?
hi ! i just buy it without DLC at less than 5~€ for me and my girlfriend.
what i think of that game ?
it's beautifull graphics.
i like the idea of them park !!! it's fun to run with friends to kill monsters ! lunch sheep or barrel is fun !
lot of humour in . i have pleasure to test it .

at high difficulty it's a really fgreat challenge. friends of me already have this game and told me it's hard in high difficulty mod and we will try beat it ! :)

i think for that price it worth it !
sure at this price i don't have all of the fun cosmetics .

the shop in game doesn't look to change gameplay so it's not a pay to win(but not sure for the moment, need confirm). if it's only cosmetic. it's perfect : fan will bring money to dev without boring me who don't buy this .

if i love the game after few hours of play i will take dlc pack at christmas for us :)

I enjoy and i think the game didn't deserve this bad metacritics;

pretty sure the ingame shop bring fresh money in and dev use it to developpp the game.

it's a really nice game with full and nice support of the xbox pad 360 and keyboards mouse.
very good explain of how it works.

if you want it don't hesitate : few hours before it end :! buy it in 4 pack and share it to your friends or troc other copy !

it's a good game you will enjoy if you like game like : orc must die 2 / dungeon defenders / sacred citadel / castle crushers etc ...
if you enjoy those kind of games this one will bring you lot of pleasure for sure !

TY to the dev to continue developp the game and bring more stuff in in futur !
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{BWP} WhiteBlaze Jul 26, 2013 @ 7:45pm 
I will just leave this right here.

"If you feel amazed by our endless generosity and want to repay it with some of your own, we have a lot of paid DLC in the form of cosmetic items that can be bought on the “Bundles” section of our Item Shop! Make your heroes look cool and help us make more Dungeonland stuff!"

I lol'd so hard when I read this.

First of all, you guys charge for costume dlc...that would be fine, but here lies the secret kicker. THEIR COSTUME DLC IS REQUIRED FOR MOST ACHIEVEMENTS.

I saw a post regarding this exact statement they made, and he got permanently banned from this discussion board because he called them out on their greediness, I promise you I receive a ban for this, will be posting a video about these disgusting practices when it happens.

P.S. Their "dlc" has never been on sale, not once, not even during the summer sale....laughable.

Will not support such dirty tactics.
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