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(Nearly) Unbeatable DM Setup
I've seen many different DM setups, but I haven't seen any as experienced as mine. Note: This setup requires the DLC. Theres the original cards, and Variables. Here is the setup:

Discount Spawner
Spawner Health Care
Spawner Armor
Mana Generator
Spawner Machinegun
Ace Up The Sleeve
Monster Circle
This setup allows you to stop the Heroes right in their track. The Discount Spawner makes it so that to make a Ultimate Spawner (Health Care, Armor, Mana, and Machinegun) only costs 6 Mana, unlike using a regular spawner which would cost 8. The Discount Spawner makes it so that you can easily create a Ultimate Spawner in a single move, making it a need for this setup. Any Spawner card may not be used as a variable. Monster Circle is also a extremely important part of this setup, as it allows you to ambush Heroes, may they be trying to get to a downed teammate, or killing a US (Ultimate Spawner). This card may be replaced with a variable, but is not reccomended. Ace Up The Sleeve is used only to have a chance of getting backup. This card should always be switched with a Variable.

Ressurection Tower
Now the reason the Resurection Tower isn't in the group itself is because its one you must buy. Not all Original Setups will be free, though. This, if to be replaced by anything, should be replaced by Ace Up The Sleeve. This card is only used for having a chance to get a good hand, as this deck counts of the 4 spawner cards to survive.
Blocking Wall
Blocking Wall lets you delay the heroes for a short time, allowing you to build up your forces. It is a helpful card on the defensive, but has no offensive power. This is why its a Variable.

Yeti Viking
This setup allows you to have a pure Offensive force, no matter how much mana you have, as the Yeti Vikings with Ice Enchanted weapons cost 1 Mana, the Imps cost 2 Mana, and the Trolls cost 3 Mana. The reason I chose the Imps are because of their charge ability, as it can knock a Hero back, delaying a revive. The Yeti Vikings are a good cheap force to delay the Heroes. They do a average ammount of damage, plus the Ice Enchant is always helpful. The Trolls are a extremely deadly force, which should never be changed with a Variable. When you get a Monster Circle of Trolls, it is a force that'll destroy any Hero in its way.

Rage Monsters
Rage Monsters are monsters like Orc Beserkers or Dire Ducks. They allow you to do extra damage easily.

This settup adds a mixture of stealth and power. It allows you to do damage straight up with the Yettin, or quietly with the Stalker.

Rabbit Breeder
The Rabbit Breeder is a powerful enemy, but isn't a very powerful Special all together. It allows you to do a good ammount of damage, but the group of bunnies can easily be taken out with a single Rogue Assassin 'Q' Ability. The Phoenix is a partial heavy, growing in size and power. However, it is extremely weak in its first stage making it a risky Special.

Now the Boss can be anything, as this setup will make it hard for anyone to even get past your powerful forces. However, it is important to have a good backup, so the Elder Dragon is my Boss for this setup.

Evil Heal
Evil Heal makes it so you will be able to jump into a Monster, heal your surrounding Monsters and deal damage, making it one of the best Possesions you can get.

Quick Draw
Quick Draw allows you to get mana and draw faster, making it a card allowing you to rush the Heroes easily.

Now realize how there are no traps. I find traps weak as they can easily be seen without a certain Trait.

All together, this setup costs
9200 coins, but without the Ender Dragon it costs 4200. This setup is extremely costly.
I hope you enjoyed this quick DM guide.
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Caziban Jul 12, 2013 @ 8:45am 
Thanks for the build. I tried it out and it is definitely as powerful as you say it is. Though, if you're playing with friends, you might want to stray away from this build (Especially if they're new) because it is frustratingly difficult to beat. The set itself works incredibly well, but, at normal difficulty, the Spawner Healthcare is completely broken. My friends couldn't even kill it if I had SH and SA on a Spawner. Put on some SM and you have an annoying recipe for destruction.

My personal take on it was to replace the Yeti Vikings with the Dire Ducks (Haven't tried the Orc Beserkers yet.) I found the Dire Ducks to be more useful than the Vikings when I drew their respective cards. The Vikings are too slow and weak to really do anything substantial. In either case, if you pick DD instead of YV, your spawner will still occasionally spawn YV anyways, so it's a win-win, considering your deck is now void of relatively useless YV cards.
JellyJelly Jul 26, 2013 @ 12:59pm 
Meanwhile in every DM game ever "*uses this setup* HAHA IMA BAWS BAWS BAWS IMA SPAM SPAWNERS HAW HAW CANT BEAT ME JUST LEAVE UR DONE FOR! HAW HAW HAW!" Happened about 5 times in a row now. Don't use this. Anyone who uses this setup is a dickhole. Any difuculty normal and up it is literally impossible to kill the spawners.
Coffeechipmunk Jul 27, 2013 @ 10:10pm 
Originally posted by Jellymurder:
Any difuculty normal and up it is literally impossible to kill the spawners.
That's the point.
Cusuno Jul 28, 2013 @ 3:27pm 
I use the Spawner upgrade cards too. but >NOT< use the Spawner Armor with Spawner Regeneration. This combination makes a Spawner very OP. (i´m a fair guy and makes this possible)
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