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beAn 22/jun/2013 às 12:13
I'm still confused what the Collection is
I know you get the main game and Grim Pack but are the extras also downloaded for offline solo play or are they like MMO items (not held locally)?
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Greenbikerdude 22/jun/2013 às 12:22 
you get all DM spells&creatures plus the unlockables from the base game are already unlocked. So no need to grind coins to unlock those basic costumes.
beAn 22/jun/2013 às 12:31 
Does all the DM stuff download locally or does it work like TF2 items (no internet = no items)?
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beAn 23/jun/2013 às 8:51 
Sorry to bump but kind of need an answer. If I don't have an internet connection will the DM extras not be present?
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