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Steve Mar 10, 2013 @ 6:02pm
Suggestions and balance
Hey there, ive played DL quite a lot over the past while and have come to some conclusions. Firstly ive found that the DMs choices are not entirely balanced. Whilst i do agree that DMs have a stronger position than heros the overall balance of a DMs options affect how the heros can be scaled. I would like to discuss some specifics on the DMs options and see who agrees or can provide reasons for certain obvious imbalances in strength - paticularly the monsters.

Ive found that none of the monsters are too tough for the players to handle - each having their own weaknesses. I will now attempt to anaylyse each of these options and how they may be brought into line.

Imps - The bread and butter of every DM. I rarely encounter a DM that doesnt use these creatures and with good reason. They apply a lot of pressure through being tanky and offering decent damage and crowd control. They are fair as they are quite unwieldy, useless once they have lost their sheild and countered strongly by backstabbing rogues and ice mages using ice walls. In monster circles, super encounters and teleport traps they become much more difficult to counter safely. Whilst these are mnostly balanced their strength has become a requirement, increasing their mana price from two to three is extremely warranted but would not touch them otherwise.

Trolls - Trolls offer fairly good health pools and decent crowd control. Their slow speed in all matters is their greatest weakness to the point of somtimes rendering them helpless. They offer fairly decent pressure and their crowd control can occasionally disrupt the heroes attacks. Simple kiting will always easily destroy them however and most special abilities tear them up. Their strength in teleports and monster circles is quite dangerous but they dont deal very much damage. Suggeston - lower price from 3 to 2 sort of replacing imps, perhaps increase damage.

Direducks - Largely seen as imba due to their large hit point pools, powerful burst damage and crowd control. Inexpierianced players paticularly struggle here to the point of people questionning their balance. They are indeed extremely lethal when used in monstercircles and teleport but are otherwise very weak when not spinning. Sleeping ducks found on the map can often be killed via straight dpsing them or a simple rogue backstab - somthing a lot of players do not use. I would say that they are balanced but perhaps their immunity to damage on spin is too much, otherwise easilly countered by rogue.

Bee's - High damage high pressure ranged attackers. Getting put on ice against these creatures can be an instant kill without a mage to protect you and indeed any party without a mage may struggle against these creatures if the DM decides for a bit of crowdcontrol. If a boss with slow aura appears its almost always a party wipe, or if the DM has a frost wave possessed minion. These creatures are however fragile and easy to strafe, whilst being weak to AOE. Their ability to destroy BOT characters is legendary and i refuse to use them vs player bot mixed groups. These units are fair and encourage balanced party composition and strafing skills.

Dragons - Moderate damage weak health means that these creatures dont apply too much pressure. Left to their own devices they dont do very much damage either, although possessing one will certainly increase its lethaltity a great deal - espiecally true of Super's. Their range, AI and low health means they rarely do too much whilst being simple to destroy. There is little that can improve their effectiveness altough they are interesting with Ninja. These creatures need more range to compare to other choices.

Skeletons - The description says it all, weak and innaccurate but dangerous in large numbers. Their low HP pools mean that these minions will never offer very much resistance and die in droves. These creatures would be fair however their summon is too weak and they dont scale well with teleport, heal, spawners or monster circle spells. They cost 2 mana but are rarely worth 2 mana, sometimes getting such appallingly low numbers they fail to offers the least resistance. These units are underpowered if you dont have the hordes of things perks and even then quite easy to beat. This monster could benefit greatly from either larger spawns from spawners or larger squad size (prefered balancing medium) or costing only one mana to cast.

monkies - i rarely see these but when i do i barely notice them. They offer little resistance and their hops are hardly a specail utility the DM can use due to their lack. These units dont synergise well with teleport, heal, spawners or monster circle spells due to low HP pools and low damage. The first point of balancing these would be to reduce squad cost to two mana with an extra cheif and one or two extra peices and spawners either also creating the cheifs or more monkies, this unit is in dire need of utility and are the worst choice of all monsters.

Wizards - these creatures are numerous and easy to kill. Offering low damage, cheap costs and crowd control these units can be dangerous if they can get a surround. The boss encounters for these are either a breeze or a party wipe and they work very well to setup larger creature attacks when used in teleports. These units are all about ambush and otherwise dont even threaten the newest of players. The spawners could use a few extra peices and the squads need to be just a bit larger but otherwise they are fine.

Spawners - Placing these can either set the player back minutes at a time or be a waste. These offer a great deal of holding power to the DM and depending on creatures selected can either add a lot of pressure or not very much at all. If combined with increased spawn rates i would advise these cost 4 mana, otherwise they are fine.

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Steve Mar 11, 2013 @ 6:09am 
Forgot one!

Orc bezerkers - these guys are easy to kill but quite dangerous when combined with sources of healing. All in all they are fair as they are offering both a fair amount of pressure and good damage potential to a DM
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