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Mark Venturelli 2013年3月7日 11時53分
Talk with the Devs: New Evil Laugh Suggestions
Hello guys and girls,

We have been doing a lot of new content for Dungeonland lately, and we've been mostly gathering feedback from YOU (yes, you, you handsome devil) to see where do we go next with things.

Amongst some of the sillier things that we are thinking about right now, there's something we wish to discuss with our players:

If we were to do customizable Evil Laughs for your annoying buttons, what would you like to see?

Some ideas from the top of our heads: female Dungeon Mistress, Evil Sheeplord, Cow, and Banana.

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Achievemephobia 2013年3月7日 17時52分 
Call Totalbiscuit. We need his epic laugh. Need it.

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FlintMask 2013年3月7日 22時00分 
^ I second this.
Shixax 2013年3月8日 9時11分 

TB laugh would be epic.
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DavetheBabe 2013年3月8日 13時16分 
I think it would be cool if the laugh also had a greater function. What if the laugh button lit up when a hero is downed by the dm spells/actions? The dm would have a few seconds to hit the laugh button which would give him/her a mana or extra gold?

Depending on the spamming of laugh in game, maybe the laugh would only be accessible when the dm downs a hero, or does x amount of dmg. I occasionally will encounter a spam laugher, but it hasn't been a major issue for me.
Neen 2013年3月8日 14時41分 
That's five out of five for the Biscuit.
Walikarp 2013年3月8日 14時52分 
One more vote for TotalBiscuit, here!

He already did a voice for a Charackter in an other game and onsidering how much he seems to like Dungeonland, i'm pretty sure he whould be in on this.

Another option whould be Angry Joe.
He loves this game as well.

Getting those Internet celebrities on board is an easy way to promote your game, since player numbers are already rapidly declining.
And those two have quite the loyal fanbase, which is more often than not willing to support their Stars.
Maltramac 2013年3月8日 15時07分 
Make that seven out of seven for TotalBiscuit. Also, raocow, if you can manage it. Here's a sample, particularly at around 18:20: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MkMAtLI_Ak&t=18m20s
最近の変更はMaltramacが行いました; 2013年3月8日 15時07分
Neen 2013年3月8日 15時22分 
That's not really a typical Raocow series... Then again, if you could get a nice, big selection of his randomness and threw it in anywhere possible... It could work.
Esca 2013年3月8日 15時28分 
While we're on the subject of voice actors, I'd kinda like to hear Tiong and Gleason do their own DM versions. Might conflict with the fact that they voice everybody else too, but hey, it'd be fun.

As for the original topic, though...I fully support Sheeplord and Cow. I like the idea of the bosses/minions/etc filling in for the DM.
Arschbackenkarl 2013年3月8日 15時41分 
Just another vote for TB. Kinda would be great having his slightly unsettling laugh in the game. ;)
FlintMask 2013年3月8日 23時12分 
It would also be cool to have the main minion that tells you that you have spells ready as an option.
[XGC] Neat 2013年3月9日 2時41分 
Everyone is complaining about the evil laugh being spammable and you're asking what kind of customisable evil laughs do we want? Your priorities are all wrong.
Walikarp 2013年3月9日 3時05分 
not "everyone" is complaining about the spamming, just a little group who get's way to worked up about a joke they don't understand.
[XGC] Neat 2013年3月9日 3時28分 
A joke they don't understand? It's just spamming a button. There's nothing to understand. It's just plain annoying and probably could become even more annoying with customised laughs too. It's like making a show full of fart jokes and saying "Well YOU didn't get the joke!" yeah, we didn't get it, because the joke was obnoxious to begin with.
Esca 2013年3月9日 4時30分 
Have yet to experience anyone spamming it at all, but I imagine it happens sometimes. Solution: Voice volume slider DLC!
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