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DrSeltsam84 2013年3月2日上午3:15
Introducing BEST WEAPON in game
I found the probably best weapon in game and want to share that with you. I got SHEEPWEAPON and DOUBLESHEEPWEAPON by a little bug they hopefully fix never ever, or ill be very sad :(

How to get Sheepweapon:
  • find sheep
  • get sheep and protect it with you life
  • find 2nd sheep
  • now go to 2nd sheep with 1st in your hand and keep repeatedly pressing f.

i've done that for about 10 sec and one sheep got attached to my hand for the rest of that stage. i made it with rougue and could stab enemys with sheep :)
i also did it with mage and had a sheepcannon so i think it should be possible with any fighter. i had success in 2 maps, so it should work on all areas.

but after a few successful tries it didnt work anymore for some trys...
so summarising i can say from about 10-20 tries it worked 5 times :)
so good luck with that!

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