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IamError 2013年3月1日 20時07分
Dungeon Masters that abuse the laugh button.
Shut up.....that is all.
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eric_neo2 2013年3月1日 21時38分 
DrSeltsam84 2013年3月2日 2時53分 
but they need that for mana :P
Venrez 2013年3月4日 6時38分 
I agree. I've had to tell multiple DM's to just stop spammig the button nonstop because it just ruins the game for some of us. Whilst some people listen, if they dont, then I just leave. Nothing more to be said, really.

I am fine with the DM using the laugh button occasionally. Trap someone with ice and then missile them, or pull off some other sort of devious trap and down or kill a player? Sure, laugh.
But dont endlessly spam the laugh button nonstop at all times between casting spells. It completely ruins an otherwise fun game.
IamError 2013年3月4日 19時43分 
Thank you Venrez. Could not have said it better myself.
Kizami z3r0 2013年3月6日 15時54分 
No...That is all...
IamError 2013年3月10日 19時46分 
Then the devs really need to make a change here. Perhaps giving players the option to shut the sound off. Not that it is really relevant anymore. Game seems pretty empty alreadty.
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