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Asclepius 21. úno. 2013 v 8.21 dop.
How do I get the DLC DM cards?
I've seen around that some cards are DLC only like stealth traps and mana chest and such, but on the steam page when I click on DLC, it says there is none for dungeonland. Does anyone know how to get these extra cards? I've heard the two people I know have them had preordered but surely the developers can't be that lame to require you to preorder to get some good extra cards.
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R__Man 21. úno. 2013 v 6.25 odp. 
You got those cards as a pre-order bonus and you should be able to buy them at some point down the line.
But as they are a pre-order bonus, there is a certain amount of time they need to wait otherwise people will be all up in arms.
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