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Puff Puff 2013年2月13日 16時20分
Read this before buying!
Game is crushing all the time. A lot of bugs, like going throw textures. Sometimes impossible to connect, BSOD with game music. They are asking to submit game errors!! This is not beta!!! You had to do it earlier. From 3 games you will play normaly 2, with a lot of luck. But, this is still a fun game, just wait and it will be better.
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phasetran 2013年2月16日 9時23分 
Thanks for the post, I watched the Total Buscuit stream and was feeling pretty good about it. Only thing kept me from auto purchase was the art style/theme turned me off.

Oh man, maybe I am turning into a dungeon art critic not ready for unicorns and rainbows yet. lol

I will definitley follow the forum and see how the devs respond as well as Dungeonlands' continued development and support.

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Nickita 2013年2月16日 11時51分 
have no problems so i buy it and im happy, a lot of fun.
Shixax 2013年2月17日 9時57分 
See the game is good, the concept is fine, and you wanna play locally, it should be fine. I have managed to actually finish a couple sessions now, so it's getting better, so just wait for the next couple of patches and then buy it.
Carmen 2013年2月17日 10時26分 
Honestly, the only problem I've had with the game is one of the maps in Cannibal Kingdom, and getting stuck outside of the playable map area (Which doesn't happen that often.) I haven't experienced ANY game crashes or BSOD's. I also don't have a problem with continued Online Play in Normal mode, or DM mode. (10-12 matches in a row usually.)

i7 2.67GHz
6GB Ram
Win7 64-bit
Dominare 2013年2月17日 18時28分 
Had no problems either, nor have the other guys who went in on a four-pack with me. Sucks for the OP with his bsod crashes and so on, but don't let this thread make you believe those things are the norm; they aren't.
[XGC] Neat 2013年2月18日 7時58分 
They are for a lot of people, and to say that the game is not normally buggy is not true at all. This game is more buggy than it is stable atm.
Dominare 2013年2月19日 3時23分 
K, well I can only speak to what I know firsthand, and that's that I now know seven people who have this game and haven't had any nontrivial issues. Again, it sucks for people who -are- having problems, but saying 'a lot of people' is misleading.

If you have e.g. fifty people complaining of bugs they've encountered from a total ownership of, say, five thousand owners, that's not 'a lot of people' that's one per cent. The vocal minority gets the attention because very few people not having problems bother to speak up in threads like this one. I pulled the numbers out of my ♥♥♥ of course, but the point stands.
[XGC] Neat 2013年2月19日 8時22分 
I dunno, you're kind of being contradictory. You say that you have 7 friends that have the game and haven't had any nontrivial issues then you go on to say that if there are only 50 people complaining out of 5000, then it's not representative. Well how is your 7 people representative then? It's simply not.

Besides, just because there aren't more threads doesn't mean that people aren't getting bugs full stop or aren't getting problems. The vocal minority is always the vocal minority. But the majority aren't all the same on the spectrum. Some might not think to complain, some might be living with it. Some may have already quit the game and decided to play something else.

Unless you did a survey, you would never know. So all you have is what you can record, i.e. the threads. So you have to use that as your sample. You can compare it to other games and see that there is, in comparison, a lot of threads here about bugs and crashes and what not compared to other indie games. That's why I say it isn't stable. It just isn't.

Great for the people who never get any issues, but that's also unlikely, considering a lot of the bugs will be to do with the game-code, the net code and the servers. Not just peoples pc incompatibility.
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