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Firebearer Feb 8, 2013 @ 2:47pm
Why is this STILL a PC only? BTW Patch broke my game
so for those of you that dont know I was one of the mac players that got the mac edition of DungeonLand when the accidental release happened. I was playing fine in the game SOLO but could not do any multiplayer. Which was annoying but I was told and confirmed that the MAC version of this game would be released within a week of the PC version.

Guess what? IT DIDNT HAPPEN. And the last patch? made my mac version UNUSEABLE I cant even solo play to wait. Its been weeks now and there has been no patch to fix so I can at least play solo or no actual release of the mac version so I can attempt to play with friends.

It has ben HOW long since this game came out? yet there is still; crippling bugs, broken DM powers, stupid bots, little to no working connection on the PC side and oh yah no MAC port.

This is on the UNITY engine. For those of you who dont know the signifigance? the unity engine is one of the few engines best suited for both MAC and PC players to work together. I honestly would not be complaining (which I rightly say I am, not going to hide it) IF they had released even a buggy version of the MAC port. WHY? because its still a good fun game even if I can't play multiplayer.
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