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Crescent 2013年2月8日 3時08分
You enter a room with 1-up chest, ressurection tower, spawner... what do you do?
You grab the 1-up from the chest then run out of there!... Why do people always try to destroy everything in the room? You don't need to kill everything to advance to the next area..

You enter a room with a spawner and a ressurection tower... what do you do? run to the next room, which is outside the range of the ressurection tower and spawner, Then kill the minions that chased you... Why, risk losing hp trying to kill everything in the room? Alot of the times, you dont need to kill the buildings...

You enter a room with a beer tower, spawner, ressurection tower... what do you do? Run to the next room, then kill w/e is chasing you.
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Venrez 2013年2月8日 6時26分 
Because rushing through an entire map just to get to the next zone defeats the point of playing a game. Its like L4D. Folks who will just crazy rush from A to B to get to the next level. It completely nullifies the point of having anything at all in a game, from the Monsters themselves, to your weapons, perks, and just about everything. It might aswell be a Point A to Point B running simulator.

Whilst your strategy in avoiding those placed structures like Beer Towers, Res Towers, Spawners and such works... it is not fun. That is the point. You play to fight Monsters, work together as a team to overcome the odds and collect gold and loot along the way. Simply Rush Rush Rushing is not fun, for the other Heroes or the DM.
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