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Fugly.dll 2013年2月2日 4時39分
No server list!
After the update i can't find any games. My server list is totally empty. Yes I've UPD 250002 is open. Just after the update i found 1 game from this guy called K10. other then that 0 games. thought it had to do with with the update and ppl still had to do the update. how ever almost a day has past and still no games. didn't see a topic about this or i didn't search that well but any of you have the same prob?
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Fugly.dll 2013年2月2日 4時41分 
o udp 25002 btw 1 0 to much (typo)
royaL 2013年2月2日 6時11分 
same problem
DrSeltsam84 2013年2月25日 16時11分 
same here, no connection to mapmaking server
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