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anisdrin 2013年5月25日上午4:23
Game not playable with controllers
I'm trying to play with 3 local players. When I connect the controllers (PS3) the game behaves as if you were pressing random keys moving through menus at random.

I tried it with different controllers, with 1,2 and 3 connected and always having the problem.

Makes the game unplayable.
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The Winnerer 2013年5月25日上午5:09 
It works perfectly with the 360 pad here.

You could try using x360ce (XBOX 360 Controller emulator)
anisdrin 2013年5月25日下午2:10 
My controllers work perfect with other games, i.e. Awesomnauts.
MrNunUther 2013年5月27日下午6:02 
In OSX, PS3 (and all HID) controllers work native. No need for drivers. It looks like the 'deadzone' is set way too low. Please let us know if this is a hidden config option and/or resolve the issue. Thanks.
最后由 MrNunUther 编辑于; 2013年5月27日下午6:03
MrNunUther 2013年5月27日下午6:34 
BTW, there is a HID_override.plist in the application -- Unity team created it for tweaking gamepads, controllers, etc. However, the file is identical to that of Rochard (among others) that work perfectly -- without these issues.
Stauchabilly 2013年6月21日下午10:57 
Im having the same problem on mac with a ps3 controller. it works fine until this game starts and then it goes nuts
Digitaldreamer7 2013年6月21日下午11:44 
Same problem here with an xbox 360 controller
最后由 Digitaldreamer7 编辑于; 2013年6月21日下午11:44
MrNunUther 2013年6月28日下午2:46 
I'm starting to believe that no one (with any impact) reads these....
Chicco Patata 2013年7月21日下午12:56 
Same problem on mac w xbox360 controller...
Taygaiwoop 2013年7月21日下午1:51 
引用自 paytonpenn
Do you use DS3 Tool? http://www.motioninjoy.com/

DS3 is a great tool for PC. I used it alot, had no issues. This was one game I hadn't used it for when I still had access to a ps3 controller.
JellyJelly 2013年7月26日上午11:19 
Loading screen tip "The Dungeonland can support up to TWO local players" The third controller is for yourself if you don't want to use mouse & keyboard.
Mark Venturelli 2013年7月27日下午4:47 
We can't guarantee controller functionality on Mac because it is, frankly, crazy. There is no official support, so people use emulators and weird drivers to make it work. DL works perfectly for some people with gamepads on Mac, but for others it doesn't. There does not seem to be much we can do on our end :-(
最后由 Mark Venturelli 编辑于; 2013年7月27日下午4:47
MrNunUther 2013年7月27日下午4:51 
That is ridiculous. HID support isn't difficult at all -- and moreover, PS3 controllers are natively supported (without ANY drivers what-so-ever) for the last 3 versions of OSX. What makes that different than XInput/DirectX and X360 gamepads?
anisdrin 2013年7月28日上午1:25 
PS3 Controllers are natively supported in mac OSX.
Frankly DLtr4 this excuse it's hilarious.
Mark Venturelli 2013年7月28日上午7:24 
Sorry, I meant X360 controller. I only have accesss to 2 Macs, and by reproducing the same steps I can only get my controller to work in one of them...
K3YL3SS 2014年3月3日下午1:11 
I have the exact same problem, both with wired and wireless Xbox 360 contollers. Make completely unplayable! I've tried both x360ce and http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/ProjectRoot/Xbox360Controller.

The contollers work fine with every other game.
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