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[HERD]CrowneAnteus 2013年5月24日上午6:37
loading screen on mac
is it natural for it to take a long time when testing the connection?
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[SoL] Mr Lolwat 2013年5月24日上午9:45 
I was just wondering about the same thing!
술이들어간다 2013年5月24日上午11:25 
tried to verify, tried to reboot, tried to relog, nothing works..
MasterHack 2013年5月24日下午2:22 
ya, no kidding did i just scammed into buying this game?!?!
MasterHack 2013年5月24日下午2:47 
anyone else stuck on the whole Testing Connection please wait message?
I have yet to see one menue within the game. I feel scammed
nessachan 2013年5月24日下午3:09 
Still on the testing connection screen.
[HERD]CrowneAnteus 2013年5月24日下午3:18 
Mraard 2013年5月25日上午4:39 
I don't get it why doesn't it load?
Definitely not Bane 2013年5月25日上午10:31 
Left it over night to see if it could connect....It didn't manage to
Duh Butt 2013年5月25日下午12:47 
They haven't responded to my support ticket I sent 2 days ago, either. :/
Odd Flag 2013年5月25日下午12:59 
Same with me. Great, now i have TWO games that won't work. Krater and this.
toot it and boot it 2013年5月25日下午8:27 
having this same issue as well :(
Demonik 2013年5月25日下午11:03 
im stil waitin
Qrk 2013年5月26日上午1:56 
What a great scam.. Buy a game that doesn't work
Park Avenue 2013年5月26日上午2:10 
Why does this HAVE to happen. Great Scam Paradox.
[HERD]CrowneAnteus 2013年5月26日下午1:42 
don't you just love how they're not even addressing the problem or lying about fixing it? no. it's all about the money.
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