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.:!BuzzyBoogie!:. 2013年5月11日 12時28分
Oops! The game has crashed.
Every time I start up Dungeonland and play it for two hours or less it crashes and all it says is "oops, please report it to a developer"
Does anyone know how to fix this or are paradox gonna fix it?
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MadMatt2185 10月19日 18時28分 
I don't even get that. It just pauses and then stops and leaves the game. I don't know why it started doing it, but it's started doing it this week. Any clue as to why it's going on? I've tried uninstalling and deleting the folder, and reinstall again. Still doing it.
Noitara 10月21日 15時20分 
Always crashing ...
MadMatt2185 10月25日 11時31分 
I JUST FOUND OUT WHY! It turns out that recent updates for the Raptr program has made tabbing out of MineCraft crash as well. So I got rid of it today. Both MineCraft and this game are now running perfectly fine. Raptr needs to fix there rubbish program.
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