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Shrekt 2013年5月6日 14時02分
Im getting frustrated with this game
I must say when i first played this game..it was fun. Now i wish i didnt buy this game. The lack of people playing it is absolutely ridiculous.. there is no community. Every time i go to play there are 2 people online.. wtf is that.. Then the developers post on their facebook how they made it and that they put out a fun game. stfu. your game is broken.. and no body wants to paly it anymore, and i dont blame them anymore.. Im fed up with the connection issues.. the lack of content..even though they try to make it seem like there is alot, which there really isnt.. i have almost every dam item in this game and i still have about 65 000 coins.... and nothing to spend it on... they promised a new map about a month ago..and that didnt come... and they seem so diconnected with the community. Im just upset now that i cant play a game i paid 10 dollars for. For all the people that are saying oh well its a ten dollar game what did you expect. I expected to be able to play the ♥♥♥♥ing thing with other people..since playing alone is ♥♥♥♥ and pointless unless you want gold.. but i have way too much neways.
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Mexicutioner 2013年5月9日 1時17分 
Game could use a sale or a free weekend and some more bug fixes.
DedJim 2013年5月16日 23時52分 
When the game first came out and didn't crash i really enjoyed it. But the constant crashes, buggyness and lack of people made me stop. You couldn't even connect to other people's games. Such a shame because there is so much potential.
Blaze Pascal 2013年5月20日 14時29分 
I uninstalled because of the bugs. Also, not being able to easily add friends to steam didn't help.
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