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[OT]Nekrage (禁止済) 2013年3月20日 17時27分
No multiplayer for days...
Have not been able to play with friends for about 3 days....ummmm any word?
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Blaze Pascal 2013年3月20日 19時48分 
I'm having the same problem.
VITEV009 2013年3月21日 0時43分 
Devs seem to be silent. Either they fix it, or give us all refunds
最近の変更はVITEV009が行いました; 2013年3月21日 0時43分
[OT]Nekrage (禁止済) 2013年3月21日 0時52分 
BjornB  [開発者] 2013年3月21日 1時15分 
Hello, thank you for reporting this issue. We are looking into it! Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Edgar Lindner 2013年3月24日 5時37分 
I can only see 3-4 servers online and still cannot connect to most of them. Spamming the connect button will get me connected after some time but it lags horribly every time I play. So far Dungeonland has not been playable for me at all sadly.
If you put the focus on Coop then connections have to work which they unfortunately do not i nthis game.
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