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axe11154 2013年3月17日 14時32分
Trade for XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Hi there.
Ive loved Xcom for a while now but at this time its become sorta a drag. I played it in and out and I really have no use for it any more and while it was really fun for a stratagy game I think its time to say good bye. Worse yet is that I cant even play it at school for some reason. SO Im here asking.... any one wana trade this 30$ game for a 10 dollar game?

Note:this is also going to be my first tiem trading a game so I really dont know how it works.
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temp 2013年3月17日 21時31分 
You can't trade games that are in your library. Only games that you have in giftable format can be traded.

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