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Sevina 2013年3月16日 14時40分
Electric Mage's Skill Combo?
Hi there, just wondering if anyone happens to know the skill combos for the electric mage. From the video 'So You Want To Be A Mage', the narrator says that the electric mage can energize their friends to make them stronger. Here's the part of the video I'm talking about.

Thanks guys.
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Kupochama 2013年3月16日 17時58分 
Based on this guide......I think other players can attack through your special attack (Electric Orb) to get a damage bonus. It might stun enemies too, since that's the electric mage's theme...it's kind of a tricky skill to syergize with, though, so I've never really seen the effect myself.

Beyond that, I dunno. Maybe the Ray of Awesome used to vary by class, and they forgot to change the script...
最近の変更はKupochamaが行いました; 2013年3月16日 18時00分
Sevina 2013年3月16日 20時19分 
Thanks for the response and the helpful guide. I looked over the guide, and they have question marks by the electric mage's possible combinations with others, so it seems like they're unaware of the answer I'm after as well. I wonder if anyone has figured out the combos yet, or if they have even been implemented.
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