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Bukulu 2013年10月18日 1時39分
80 MB update ?
So, I am just downloading about 80 MB of patch for that game... That wonders me, after reading that the devs disbanded, anyone have an idea what this is about ?
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TerranWolf 2013年10月18日 2時48分 
I dont know either.
Skytis 2013年10月18日 5時33分 
Devs disbanded it? May I have a source for that? That would ♥♥♥♥ me off so much... I bought it with some friends, my game kept crashing and bugging as hell, so I decided to take a break untill they fix it, but well... best purchase ever I guess
Bukulu 2013年10月18日 5時47分 
The only "source" I have is this forum, I didn't check these infos and took them for granted. For example follow these links:
http://steamcommunity.com/app/218130/discussions/0/792923683521354911/ and

In the last thread seems to be a link to an official statement by the devs
Skytis 2013年10月18日 5時58分 
Thanks, that explains a lot. I'm gonna try my luck with refunds then ;)
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