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tmwfte 2013年12月3日上午9:33
So...trading cards went live for existing players...
One card drop? Seriously devs?

After already having a disparity between people putting money into the game through in-game purchases vs. everyone who already owned the game, when it finally gets "fixed" it's a single card. This feels more like a slap in the face than an actual "fix".
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Ivantxo 2013年12月3日上午9:52 
same here, a bad joke indeed
[dse]Circlestrafe 2013年12月3日上午10:07 
It's a card. Who cares? People getting all worked up over something stupid.
tmwfte 2013年12月3日上午10:22 
引用自 dseCirclestrafe
It's a card. Who cares? People getting all worked up over something stupid.

Respect and fair treatment may not matter to you, but it certainly matters to quite a few other people.
Red Eagle LXIX 2013年12月3日上午10:28 
I also have one card drop on my account for this now.

I think they've done it based solely on the previous base cost or the current All Access Pass base cost which was/is $9.99. Thus at $9.00 per card drop that equals 1 card drop.

However, this is incorrect. Any who purchased prior to Free 2 Play are supposed to get the full half card amount which would be 3 or 4 cards cards not 1 for a game with 7 cards to the set.

This is still partially broken.
Levaniko 2013年12月3日上午11:09 
WTF I thought it was an error
Xiàng 2013年12月3日上午11:23 
Altwynn 2013年12月3日上午11:37 
After the problems they had implementing the cards, I want to see an official source stating the reason for one card if it's not just a mistake.
DawnWarrior 2013年12月3日下午1:12 
Let's just go to the store page and put there a realy baaaad review and NOT recommend this game!
Armageddon Agent 2013年12月3日下午1:29 
Same here- 1 card.
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mump 2013年12月3日下午2:53 
I would call that a slap in the face.
CloseR 2013年12月3日下午6:43 
1 card LOL
susluv 2013年12月3日下午10:19 
It's ridiculous that those who bought Dungeonland prior to it going F2P only get one drop. Like TF2, such users should receive the full amount -- 4 in this case.
Anyway i will not craft badge for sure or sell this very card in order to dev not getting his margin.
Blinkdog 2013年12月4日上午1:27 
at this point you should be happy they even got it working.
if they hadn't made the demo f2p it would have worked just fine.
sorry to see this happen to this game and that the devs gave up on it.
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ECUADOOOOOR! 2013年12月4日上午3:39 
1 card LOL
HadesMcFrag 2013年12月4日上午5:13 
ye thats just a bad joke all other games atleast gives half the set for owners
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