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1mirg Nov 19, 2013 @ 12:34pm
Game needs a "tie" screen
So, I finnally managed to find this out. But, this game has no "tie" screen or even any acknowledgement of a tie, to the game, which ever was the last "win" pop up, that side wins, no if and or buts. Now, this is how I found this out. When I was playing in a party of 3 players( one mage, one rogue, one warrior) and of course with a operational and active DM in the game. My side (the heroes) managed to get to the end point of the dungeon and defeat the boss. But, this is where the tie occured here. Are party had no hearts left, and I was the only one alive, everyone else was still on the ground, dying. The boss had no health left, and was right on top of my party members. So, I one shot'ed the boss and then I got the "heroes win" pop up, but during the pop up, my other party members died, so then my the pop up quickly changed to "dm wins" and I was still alive, my other party members died just after I killed the boss and then got the "heroes win" pop up, but only after only 1 milisecond passed by with the "heroes win" pop up still on the screen.

Either or, long story short here:
This game has no "tie" pop up, this need to be fixed paradox.....If you will fix anything.
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crunchyfrog Nov 21, 2013 @ 4:19am 
That isn't a tie - one side clearly won, but it was clearly a bug due to the timing involved.

The only fix there would be to cut that out, not create a tie screen. However, I seriously doubt any work much is being done on this game, and this would most likely be WELL down on the list of priorities in any case.
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