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Snake 19. led. v 10.43 dop.
Card Drop Disappeared
So I had this 1 card drop for "purchasing" dlc, never ended up starting game, and today I checked there is no card drops at all..
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Coolerbox(RUS) 20. led. v 12.40 dop. 
same to me
darksider678 23. led. v 9.36 dop. 
yes no more card drop what a turd game

can someone report this game to steam? why if i buy this game get only one card that's now have been taken away also WHY???

Naposledy upravil darksider678; 23. led. v 9.43 dop.
MaSSa_Zone 24. led. v 9.41 dop. 
I can't get my one card for dlc purchase WTF?
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