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NickyWhat Apr 20, 2014 @ 1:02am
Wish I could get a refund...
Really wish I could get a refund with this sodding POS, but Steam is super strict about such things and I doubt anything proper would be done. I bought this game ages ago when it was still semi-new with the impression that I could play with a bunch of friends and/or with my Boyfriend having some fun making my own Dungeon setups and have them try to conquer it and vice versa. Yet that is the ONE component that has never worked... AT ALL. Tried every work-around and "fix" and not once has it worked. Sure the online with strangers work, yet not one of my friend's dungeons or my own could be joined by them when trying to have private matches.

I already know that the main developers quit and gave up after this title, if i recall this was their first game made. This game had great potential and is decent on its own right...but the mai ndraw of the game was to play with friends...yet that was the single aspect they ♥♥♥♥ed up. *shakes head*. I literally feel cheated and taken advantage of with little support and trying to fix these major issues instead of givingup and jumping ship.
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Chirpes Apr 28, 2014 @ 5:53pm 
All employee ties and relations to CriticalStudio have essentially been severed and will not be recovered. More than likely there's only one or two that still have direct access to the game, but it's unlikely they are from the technical side of development. With the money nearly dried up, they can't afford to hire staff to fix any bugs.

That being said, Valve will rarely but occasionally offer a single (one per account, ever.) credit-based refund for a cheap-tier faulty game if it's for a long-time, good-standing account who purchased the game through the steam store; This is based on personal experience from a couple years ago. Note, however, that this refund is NOT from CriticalStuidio nor Paradox Interactive, it's from Valve; You're essentially asking Steam to pay for a game on top of what they gave the developer/publisher already... So if you go this route, make sure you're polite and state the aspects of the game didn't work properly in a non-judgmental way. With the amount of time that you have said passed, it's very unlikely they will ok this case though.
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