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ToasterLurker 1月28日 13時27分
My Dungeonland won't start
I'll start the game, select my resolution and press play but the screen goes black and then the game crashes... I've tried to run it in windows mode but it still won't work. Please help!
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ericchoun 1月30日 21時50分 
same here pls help
CSX 1月31日 20時22分 
go to \Steam\SteamApps\common\Dungeonland\dungeonland_Data\output_log.txt
look inside the file if there is an error or something
ToasterLurker 1月31日 23時25分 
all i did was restart my pc and it worked
Kupeczka 2月7日 11時56分 
plz help
Zippo<3DUBSTEP 3月13日 9時47分 
same problem (i have a mac tho...) ..........
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