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REDSHADOW 2012年10月24日 15時43分
so its kind of like "RISK"?
same question
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faba 2012年10月24日 21時16分 
Nope, it's like Panzer General or Panzer Corps, but with complex supply rules and less unit details. Sometimes I feel that each scenario plays like a puzzle.
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Nangleator 2012年10月25日 7時32分 
I think of it as being like Third Reich, on a slightly smaller scale. (No nationwide management.)
The New Romance 2012年10月25日 14時27分 
Risk is very, very different. This one is an accessible, but quite deep wargame (in the original sense of the word, not simply a game featuring war). Risk is about the most abstract, most mainstream example of a wargame, so they don't have much in common.
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RedSwirl 2012年10月26日 21時59分 
It's actually a little bit like Advance Wars in terms of the unit movement controls. More complex, but a similar basic framework.
Francis Bolduc 2012年12月8日 13時19分 
I bought the game thinking it was going to be a simple game like Risk.

In fact, it is very complicated and it forces you to play according to a very narrow set of rules. Battles are large and you can't stack units to make them stronger. There is also a constant need to care about supply routes. You can't apply simple and bold strategies, you're forced to calculate. There is no luck. Also, there are sometimes extremely annoying turn limits.

It has more to do with chess than with Risk.
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riderin 2012年12月24日 19時56分 
This game hard but awesome.
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