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TK-421 Oct 17, 2012 @ 8:44pm
I only played the first level but noticed no artillery pieces. Do you get them later on? And do they operate like the air attack?
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Atermi Oct 18, 2012 @ 2:15am 
Originally posted by thebizarrojerry:
I only played the first level but noticed no artillery pieces. Do you get them later on? And do they operate like the air attack?

One unit is a whole division or corpus? A division has artillery and tank units in its disposal, so one unit in game already consists of infantry, artillery and tanks; the distance between hexes in this game is larger than artillery shooting range.
beltsman Oct 18, 2012 @ 8:40am 
You can add artillery onto infantry units with upgrades
Kazhmeer Oct 18, 2012 @ 12:52pm 
RTFM - i.e., page 21
Coldethel Oct 21, 2012 @ 6:42pm 
Inle has it correct - the effects of Artillery are included in the Division/Corp capabilities. You don't execute them separately.
You can use your prestige to add specialist step artillery: 120mm, 45mm, 88mm AT/AA that are suppressed - not able to be used (1) the turn they are place in a unit (2) if the units moves or (3) the units retreats --- but best of all are Kytusha rockets that are mobile not suffering suppression if moved or retreated (unless suppressed by the actual attack).

Though not executed separately like air-power, the defense & attack power of the parent unit is enhanced. The Kytusha rockets are particularly effective in mobile defense and offense.

In the Race to Rostov scenario, I place Kytusha rockets with the Soviet infantry units on the far western flank. The units combat effectiveness in defense and attack increased. These infantry units with the western flank tank units became so effective that they drew in the German panzer units from the middle allowing the middle Soviet Tank units to roll up the flank along the west bank of the Don river. The German position collapsed trapping and crushing the panzer units between the west pincer and the middle pincer.

"The only thing I am holding onto is the enemy." George S Patton

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Hans Roths Jul 31, 2013 @ 12:09pm 
I think that Artillery should be available like Aircraft, or Bridges, on the side of the screen.

Artillery, was used a lot by both sides during these 'battles'. at his time. and you should be able to select, and use it, without earning 'pestige', or any other such nonsense..

This is quite honestly, one of the main reasons I am not head over heels about this programe.
At least in 'Panzer Corp', you have that opion. True, that does not have the 'zing', that this gives you, but, it is little things like that, that make, or break, a good programe, and I feel a little dissapointed that this 'fails', in that respect.

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runequester Aug 2, 2013 @ 9:39pm 
All units have artillery as part of them, at this level of game play. The units with an artillery unit added, are ones who have particularly high concentrations of it.
SeriousCat Aug 9, 2013 @ 2:58am 
This is division level combat. Individual artillery units shouldn't be able to be commanded, since it would lead to unnecessary micromanagement. Multiple individual artillery units commencing an artillery bombardment may be viable in future releases.

Also, individual divisions and corps already contain artillery and anti-armour units. They operate as a single unit on the divisonal and corps level, just as it does for generals of the period in reality. For example, the the 1st Panzer Division of the period was not just made up of tanks, but composed of the following units:

• 2 Panzer Regiments
• 2 Panzer Grenadier Regiments
• 1 Motorcycle Battalion
• 1 Artillery Battalion
• 1 Reconnaissance Battalion
• 1 Tank Hunter Battalion
• 1 Pioneer Battalion
• 1 Signals Battalion

The concept is that of combined arms, or using multiple unit types to enhance each unit's strengths and covering their weaknesses for a combined effect. In Unity of Command, such a division would be represented as a single unit due to the divisional scale of operational level warfare.
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Spooner Sep 21, 2013 @ 3:36am 
Hans, the hexes are about 20km across and units are divisions/corps. An artillery unit that wanted to shoot at another one 2 hexes away would have to fire _at least_ 20km. Although there were period guns that fired at that range, they were so large that they had to be transported and fired from special trains (see: Railway Guns)!

Panzer General/Corps is on a much, much smaller scale and is, in my opinion, even more unrealistic than UoC is (which is saying something).
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