awfbbbw3 Aug 18, 2013 @ 3:34pm
Red Turn...advance on Kiev tips
Bleh...I need some tips for the "Advance on Kiev" senario...I can get three out of the four objectives easily...but I can't seem to get the last one, before my turns expire...Its the objective in the far right corner...
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LoneWolf Aug 20, 2013 @ 12:20pm 
Hi man,
Kiev can be tough.
Concentrate your four southern armourd units together. When the axis form a line in front cut them up in the open and hopefully this will draw their two panzer divisions into an uneven fight
Then race for the southern most objective and throw an inf across. ( usually a good idea to put a bridge there to get supllies in so its not out of ammo for the enemy reinforcements that arrive turn 6.

Generally aim to encircle and destroy their southern force befpre it can fall back onto the rivers.
Also prioritise your southern supply points for uprgrade first as in the north it will be intialy more static.(Axis tends to entrech a couple of upgraded units whilst the rest of the inf divisions retreat over the bridges.)
It may be too costly to assault these 'speed bumps' so bypass with your inf and they might fall back if you threaten to cut them off.
In case they dont try and keep your arty upgraded divisions ending their move next to the entrenched enemy ready to attack the next turn.
Sorry for the long post, feel free to mesaage me for more lucid and specific advise. :)
I'd stress the most important point is not to panic and charge forward too quickly (in the north.) until your logistics can support your advance.
Hope this helps. Best. Lonewolf
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