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Major Problem 2012年12月14日 18時20分
How long are the missions?
I played the demo and I liek the game but the missions were REALLY short. Like 6 turns or so... Are the missions in the game this short?
I woul love if you could play the whole war as one long mission.
How long are the missions? are there some that are 1hr or 1:30 hr long?
I dont want to buy the game if the missions are that short...
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Comrade Ogilvy 2012年12月14日 19時11分 
It all depends on you man. I spent an hour on like the 2nd lvl in red turn. Depends on how well you plan/execute.
Comrade Ogilvy 2012年12月14日 19時12分 
Fantastic game btw. highly recomend it.
Major Problem 2012年12月14日 20時09分 
I know, but can you compare it to the demo (if you have played it?)
Are the maps bigger? longer?
imperialus 2012年12月14日 20時31分 
Yep, they're 'short'. Each turn represents 4 days. The average scenario represents 2-3 weeks.
Major Problem 2012年12月15日 9時33分 
Major Problem 2012年12月15日 11時46分 
Are there a lot of maps at least? i dont mind short maps if there are many
imperialus 2012年12月15日 14時18分 
If you manage Brilliant Victories you're looking at about 16 scenarios.
noxrubbish 2012年12月15日 21時17分 
Yo, Major Problem
noxrubbish 2012年12月15日 21時18分 
This game packs a whole lot of content. The battle for stalingrad is an epic 24 turn slog
- this game is a no-brainer for WWII strategy buffs
Wolfe1759 2012年12月16日 15時16分 
Major Problem - if you are looking to play the whole of WW2 (European Theater) have a look at

Strategic Command 2
Commander Europe At War
Panzer Corps Wehrmacht

Though I would still highly reccomend UoC.
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Major Problem 2012年12月16日 17時14分 
I decided to get UoC. The missions are great but some (the third axis one) is really tough given the limit of turns. Any way this can be changed?
Kyle Nichols 2012年12月23日 15時46分 
On the games official forums its been stated by the devs that an easy mode will be addded soon... other than that you could probably add turns by editting the .txt files, but I would think that it would take away from the game.
Trotskygrad 2013年1月3日 10時57分 
some missions are extremely long, some are short. Embrace the diversity, the shorter ones you can restart often and try all sorts of strategies, the longer one you're better off sticking with your plan and slogging through :)
Vaginus 2013年1月19日 15時02分 
i wouldnt buy it, the demo was cool but this is just a time burner.
you cant save even between the battles, you cant turn it to easy - great game but its made to burn time and thats no fun.
Ash3n 2013年2月9日 4時14分 
Forced autosave is great and adds to the tense gameplay. Can you win in time? Can you beat the AI? I find this game elegant both rule and looks-wise. Asymmetric and well presented sides of conflict contribute to great 'authenticity' feeling.

Concerning the very lenght: trust me, it will take some time to formulate winning strategy and it gives a lot of satisfaction once decisive victory is achieved.
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