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FWG Dec 14, 2012 @ 2:21pm
The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship [UoC LP]
Unity Of Command #1: German Armour Is Usually Grey


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Nice LP. I have a couple of pointers if you're interested.

1) Don't overlook those specialist steps. Pioneer regiments are freaking beasts. They ignore penalties for fighting over rivers, negate entrenchment bonus' and act as a full armour step.

2) You can build bridges as well as destroy them. There are a lot of rivers to cross in this scenario and a couple of bridges can go a long way in increasing your mobility as well as

3) On the 2nd turn you get a few infantry steps as re-enforcements. These come from your 'force pool', which unlike the OKH Reserve does not cost you prestige to deploy. You can use them to beef up infantry units that have taken casualties. Just remember that when you deploy them they begin suppressed so it makes sense to deploy them at the end of your turn.

4) On a related note you can also reorganize units. At the beginning of your next turn they will be available in your force pool as re-enforcements. This can be a good way to get some continued use out of heavily damaged units.

5) You attacked across a very broad front. Try to remember that UoC is not a game about destroying enemy units, it's about capturing objectives. If you can try to hammer at a weak point in the enemy line and create a breakthrough you can sever the supply for a massive chunk of the enemy army. Take a look at that infantry unit that is sitting across from your armoured division on the south end of the map. If you cycle your units you can hit him with both of your armoured divisions in addition to your mechanized infantry. Run them north along that river and pound on the infantry unit directly to the north of that line with your units from around Kharkov. By the end of turn one you should be able to cut off everything to the west of that river. Tidy up your lines to keep them contained and you should be able to pretty much ignore them for the rest of the scenario. That's a massive chunk of the soviet army out of the fight without even needing to shoot at them.

That said though, consider me subscribed! I took a quick look at your X-Com videos too and enjoyed them as well.
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FWG Dec 16, 2012 @ 1:10pm 
Those were some excellent pointers! Thank you for that and for the sub. I'll implement all of it in the next video. I'm also going to read the manual - something I should've done in the very begging but was too eager to start recording.
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