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Krysak4eveR Nov 28, 2012 @ 6:51am
Good luck or doing something wrong ?

bought the gaem a wekk ago.
Got to Stalingrad and stuck there.

Sometimes I play the campaign and win the first maps easily.
Then I try to replay for getting more prestige and the enemy circles me and kicks my butt :)

So far I am able to get to Stalingrad but there it gets difficult.

Any suggestions on how to finish first few maps sooner with more prestige ?
Call in reinforcements or not at all to save up ?
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jedsuspect Nov 28, 2012 @ 8:21am 
Well, I'm new at this myself and playing it from the Soviet side so the only thing I could offer is this:

The Soviets get stronger while the axis gets weaker (if you go by history and understand that the germans lose this in the end) so it's bound to be difficult. I haven't read the strategy thread yet (and I might at some point but I'm trying to learn the game as I go) but most of what I've figured out is just common sense and setting up the best fight possible using the strongest units against the weakest defenders while factorying in the effects of terrain, reinforcements and special units. I know that probably sounds like I am stating the obvious (but I've learned the hardway so far from my many failures).

So, good luck!
Trix Nov 30, 2012 @ 12:39am 
Stalingrad is very hard, but beatable. It's hard to mount any kind of attack because of the supply situation so I try to take my time in this scenario and keep the AI off balance by attacking in different spots forcing the AI to move troops back and forth. If you make just one mistake in most scenarios it is difficult to overcome. It only gets harder after Stalingrad. Have fun..
Trix Nov 30, 2012 @ 12:52am 
I use the modifiers (Stug, Recon, Eng) most every scenario when available since they dont cost alot and use the cheaper tank reinforcement early on in the game to get dicisive wins. I have saved the better units for later but when I really need them they aren't available even when I have lots of prestige saved up.
Cheeto Benito Dec 7, 2012 @ 4:28pm 
I'd argue that Stalingrad is one of the easier scenarios for the Axis. Just keep hammering them from the north. Only upgrade you northern supply, put engineers on your panzers and do your best to push across the bridges.

Feint from the South but don't engage in anything crazy. If your feeling especially creative you can cut the rail lines in the north with the Italian motorized infantry.
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