BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
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How to get a triple Perfect+ (Norwegian and English)
作者: ImpishRazor
In this guide, you'll learn how to get a triple Perfect+ in any level! (I denne guiden vil du lære hvordan man får en trippel Perfekt+ i en level!)...
In-Depth Scoring Guide
作者: Jepp
Yo! This here's my first guide and it is about how you can aim for higher scores in Runner 2. Most of this is common knowledge for owners of this game, such as what obstacles are, but here it is. Please comment your criticism/thoughts, including anythi...
How Keys, Padlocks and Key Vaults work
作者: DonSeismo
This guide is a quick introduction how keys, padlocks and key vaults work in the game as I and many others seemed to have problems figuring it out....
All Retro Cartridges + Locations
作者: Xalugami
In this Guide I will list the amounts of Gold in each Retro Cartridge level as well as which levels you can find the Cartirdges in. There are also videos showing how to get to each Cartridge....
Руководство по достижениям
作者: Extragamer
100% Completion guide.
Guide for the completionist. From start to finish I'll try to explain all the achievements and how to obtain them....
All Retro Cartridge Locations
作者: MBG
A set of video guides to the 25 retro cartridges....
Controller gamepad not working ( Spartan or any )
作者: Banfa
I bought a Spartan/ generic USB Joystick controller ( EB ) and couldnt get it to work so I did way to much research and griefing before I figured things out so I thought I should share....
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