Keith 2013年3月10日 14時23分
This game looks awesome, i really want it
this game looks awesome, i really want it. Is it any good?
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Knalraap 2013年3月10日 15時54分 
Amazing in my opinion, it's fun but pretty unforgiving at times.

I'm not sure why they went with this goofy art-style instead of the traditional 8-bit style but surprisingly it works pretty well, the only bad thing about it is that the background can distract you from time to time.
❊Toon❊ 2013年3月10日 16時11分 
I like it but the art style sometimes strains my eyes xD
brim4brim | DisproportionedHead 2013年3月10日 16時35分 
TBH this game is almost exactly like this game on Android:

I think they both use the same game engine as they both have the same look and feel and basic attacks/blocks/things you can do in the game.

Looks like they took a stock engine, changed the graphics to their characters, made some levels and shipped the game.

It is a fun game and I don't regret buying it but it is what it is IMO :-)

here the makers of that Android game mention that they use Unity game engine:


I'd wager they are both based off this tutorial :)
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Keith 2013年3月10日 16時51分 
ya i agree with you guys, i think if they had the whole game 8bit and retro i would like it better
Silvan 2013年3月10日 17時51分 
Are any of you aware that this is a sequel? If you want more retro, look for the original Bit.Trip Runner.

Brim4brim, your wager is quite the stretch, chronologically. :O
Keith 2013年3月10日 17時57分 
yes we know its a sequel and that there is alot of bit. trip games
Impervious 2013年3月10日 18時34分 
i preordered so i got bit trip runner and the 2nd one future legend plus some awesome sneakers for team fortrees2!
Keith 2013年3月10日 19時04分 
thats awesome wish i did that
birdscool 2013年3月11日 8時11分 
To everyone complaining about the art style, this technically isn't a BIT.TRIP game. Gaijin stated that the BIT.TRIP series was finished, and they would only be making spinoffs (such as the excellent Runner 2).

I personally think it's a wonderful game, with much more replayability than the first game.
new guy in town 2013年4月4日 23時20分 
To be honest i think it's not very good with all the new characters, graphics check points and it being so easy. I thin kthe first is better because you get a challenge and when u die you know you have too beat it because you start all over and you get to hear the music from the jumps, kicks and collecting coins, in this one the backround music is to loud to hear it. Still get it it is fun but I personally think the first is better
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