Mr.mp379 2013年2月18日 20時18分
i pre purchased the game and i didnt get my tf2 item. i dont know why but it isnt in my inventory and i am kind of mad cause the shoes look awsome.
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Tasty Toasted Toad 2013年2月19日 4時59分 
I think there're no items for bit.trip prepurchase, at least I cant find any note on bit trip store page
Ardy 2013年2月19日 9時15分 
There's supposed to be these "Buck Turner All-Stars" sneakers you get for TF2 apparently
Kuros 2013年2月19日 10時01分 
You should receive them when you start tf2 next time.
the jolly ol brit 2013年2月19日 11時26分 
its the same with brutal ledgend for 2/3 days but there avalible now
Mr.mp379 2013年2月19日 17時23分 
thanks i fixed it now
El Scorcho 2013年2月22日 6時17分 
you got the game just for the shoes WOW you sad sad little boy
Mr.mp379 2013年2月22日 14時46分 
Private Twinkle ISICKl の投稿を引用:
you got the game just for the shoes WOW you sad sad little boy

no why in the world would i spend $15 for just one item i aint stupid. i also got it for the game cause i heard about bit.trip runner but never got into the game. once i heard of runner 2 i then looked at the game on steam and found out that it comes with the first game as well. it wasnt untill i went to the tf2 wiki i found out that there was a tf2 item.
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