BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
Captain Picard 2013년 4월 27일 오전 10시 14분
I cant progress to the next level?
Why cant i progress to the next level. Im still in world 1. i completed all of these above me and got 649 gold bars.


What am i doing wrong?
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J-Robotson 2013년 4월 28일 오전 11시 07분 
It appears you went through to the optional/alternate route (the level above the one you are currently on) for you to get to the next level you have to beat the level again but instead of taking the blue route at the split take the green one, this will lead you to the normal exit and allow you to progress.
Captain Picard 2013년 4월 28일 오전 11시 24분 
Ok maybe it was that. Because someone told i needed to finish all levels on perfect because i play it on Quite Easy. So i did. So i probably did that level again and finished the green route. Thanks for helping.
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