BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
epicepicman 2013年4月8日下午2:21
Anybody want a 25% off coupon? (COUPONS NOW EXPIRED)
I recently got a 25% off coupon for this game, anybody want it? I'll give it away for free.

EDIT: I gave my coupon away, if anyone else wants to give away their coupons here go ahead.
EDIT 2: All coupons are now expired.
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TheKorn 2013年4月8日下午2:54 
Same here, I have two of them, and have absolutely no intentions of buying this game.
Honorable Hoodlum 2013年4月8日下午4:45 
I have two to give away as well.
Backup Fruit 2013年4月8日下午7:24 
I'll take one if you don't want it.
Mr Spazz Kid ︻デ═一 2013年4月8日下午11:34 
ill take it
ovni.demon 2013年4月9日上午2:10 
Same here, 2 to give away.
Parkour Gandalf 2013年4月9日上午7:20 
Same here as well, 2 coupons to give away.
tyrant1224 2013年4月9日上午8:22 
I would love a coupon. Was seriously considering buying this today, and a few extra $$ off would be great.
|Pro Kittens| Medic Plz 2013年4月9日上午8:56 
i'd like one,
RainbowDash™ 2013年4月9日下午1:26 
I Would Really Love one If anybody would be willing :)
epicepicman 2013年4月9日下午1:51 
Sorry guys, I gave away my coupon.
Parkour Gandalf 2013年4月9日下午2:29 
I still have one
ovni.demon 2013年4月9日下午2:37 
Still have 2
Quote 2013年4月9日下午2:52 
Ah yes, I have one also if anyone likes.
Jerz 2013年4月9日下午4:37 
I have one as well, which is funny cus i got it after i bought the game :(
Dapper 2013年4月9日下午4:41 
ill take one :/
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