BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

DoctorDB 2013年4月3日下午7:41
Pre-order Bonus
So I got Bit.Trip Runner with this game as a Pre order bonus and it claimed I could give it to a friend if I already own it. Since I own it on the Wii I figured that was a good idea. However, I clicked that this game was for myself (which the main game, Runner 2, was) and have yet to download Bit.Trip Runner, but it does not appear that I can give it away any longer. Is this permanently mine now?

(The following does not concern this game, but is a rant for anyone who cares to read:
Also want to get the Sonic Collection one day with the 2 racing games. Too bad I already have Generations and everything else it comes with. Wonder if I'd be able to gift excess games on that package as well? Anyone know? Wish I could just keep the whole pack and return what I already bought for loads more $$ lol)
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Funee 2013年4月4日上午6:24 
The game goes straight to your libarary. Once a game is in your libarary you cannot trade it. If you already had a copy on Wii, Steam does not know that and sent it to your libarary. You have to already own it for it to go to your inventtory to be tradeable or giftable unless you bought the game from the Steam store (let's take Sonic CD for example) if I bought Sonic CD from the Steam store and said to have it sent directly to my inventory, I could trade it and gift it. If I said buy for myself, it would go to my libarary. Since you pre-ordered BIT.TRIP RUNNER 2 on Steam and said "Purchase for myself" (I suppose) since you do not have a copy of BIT.TRIP RUNNER 1, Steam sent it to your libaray. Notice how the line was: "It claimed I could give it to a friend if I already owned it." Steam does not know you owned it on Wii. Steam looks at your STEAM libaray to see if you own BIT.TRIP RUNNER 1. Hopefully this clears up your question.

(PS: The PC version of RUNNER 1 and any BIT.TRIP game for that matter was better, mainly because of the fact that they were designed for PCs, not consoles.)

(About The Sonic Pack, read a bit on the Steam Forms or contact them because I am not completely sure about packs)
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