KSantiago12 2013年3月29日 14時16分
Does teamwork come first?
I really want a co-op function to this game anytime sone because I'm board playing by myself sometimes. please comment me about this anytime.
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John Lennon 2013年3月29日 19時19分 
I'd like some way to plan out a route of levels and race other players to see who can do them the quickest. Maybe with a type of dynamically updating meter to show everyone's progression.
Tolna 2013年3月31日 13時35分 
An endurance mode perhaps?

A level that would get harder as it went on until it was neigh impossible, first person to lose X lives loses. Would be kinda neat to see!
KSantiago12 2013年4月4日 14時16分 
I know right? Mabye a split screen mode co-op online or local? Comment me more.
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