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Absolution Mar 10 @ 6:14pm
Bullseye query
So yeah I was wondering if anyone had any sure-fire method or tips that could help me with hitting the bullseye at the end of the level for a +. As you probably know, it's so freakin' annoying to repeat the same level five or more times because you miss by a fraction and get 7k instead repeatedly. Cheers
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I know what you mean. It is only because of that dumb minigame that I stopped playing this game. I think it is really fun to play, but the fun gets taken out every time you finish a level, collected all the gold, and yet don't get a perfect score because of the minigame. It really ruined this game for me.
Zeptimus Mar 14 @ 7:48am 
Get better at aiming, nuff said
Absolution Mar 14 @ 12:26pm 
Don't be a smartass, it doesn't look good on you. Albeit I'm sure your mother thinks you're real smart. Go upstairs from the basement and give her a kiss for me, will you?
Herotic Mar 15 @ 12:56am 
well,quite hard to explain how to aim, when the cannon reach the top waiting for 0.5s(i guess)then firing.Anyway,try more and you will get suit of it
MonkeySeeker Mar 17 @ 5:24am 
Yeah I find it easier to hit the bullseye when the cannon is moving down rather than up.

I just let it go up and down a couple of times then when it's going down again I fire and will usually get the bullseye.
alexrdavies Mar 23 @ 4:48am 
I think you need to just find a rhythm that works for you, and stick with it. For me I let the cannon track up, then down, and I hit it on its second upwards swing. I have about 70% success. But the only reason that works is that I 'get' the rhythm that way... it's not really a surefire trick.
General_Lecter_ Mar 27 @ 4:53am 
Just try to do it the same way every time and you'll eventually find a reliable trick. I used to shoot the first time the cannon moved downwards, a bit later than the moment the sound starts playing... 90% success I'd say, and I have the perfect achievement already! ^_^
Ashira[>_<] Mar 27 @ 11:20pm 
Hrulfyr May 13 @ 1:07am 
When you arrive at the target, take a quick look at where exactly the bullseye is. Now, the cannon has a degrading curve, which means you'll want to aim slightly up from that.
I find that if I shoot when the cannon faces the upper rim of the bullseye, I always get it.
But of course May 13 @ 2:04am 
JUST AFTER the cannon start moving (don't wait for it to go down again) you can shoot and hit the bullseye. I can't tell you how much time you have to wait after the cannon begins to move, but i bet it's a little bit more than 1 second. Try it by yourself and see how you can shoot straight to the center like that. Actually, the up/down swinging tends to distract me.
Julziom Jun 1 @ 11:40am 
take a pencil or something thin and aim with it
Coningham Jun 19 @ 4:17pm 
The easiest way for me was through its sound: there was a perfect "click" that I would follow on every level.
Godzilla_GTR Jun 26 @ 7:48pm 
i just do it when it looks like its aiming about 2 above the bullseye. i get one most of the time with that strategy.
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Legeo Jun 29 @ 4:35pm 
I'd say just keep trying till you find the perfect angle to shoot from, bro.
horheristo Jun 30 @ 1:36am 
The timing is ALWAYS the same, if you really want to just get it over with, set up a macro that you trigger at a certain point you choose (e.g as soon as the cannon moves) and time it to shoot the bullseye perfectly from that point.
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