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Internal Winter Feb 12, 2014 @ 1:03pm
Perfect Perfectionist Achievement not unlocking
I completed all the levels with triple perfect+, I have all the rewards too. But the achievement still isn't unlocking. By the way I don't have all the golds of the retro challenges: Does that matter?
Does anybody know how to mod the save file in order to make the game unlock the achievement? Thanks for help.
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Internal Winter Feb 12, 2014 @ 2:24pm 
Problem solved.
xari228 Feb 20, 2014 @ 3:09am 
Hi There, I'm having the same problem. Would you mind sharing how you solved the problem? Thanks.
Internal Winter Feb 27, 2014 @ 5:13am 
First of all, you need to know that the golds on retro challenges don't matter in order to get the achievement. And having all the rewards doesn't necessarily means you 100%ed the game.
My tip is: check carefully if you ACTUALLY finished every level on triple perfect+. The first time I had this problem, I didn't notice that I had left a "plus" on a level on the first world.
Otherwise you can contact the developers at describing your problem on Runner2: they are really quick and friendly :)
Hope this helped.
[QDSS]Iron Feb 28, 2014 @ 7:01am 
xari228 Feb 28, 2014 @ 10:43am 
Cool. Thanks for getting back to me and for the info!
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