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I need help with Aquatic Symphonic!
How to get all coins when i run a chest way? I mean moment right before chest with two firebals. How to get this damned coin? It looks totaly imposible, i'm still dying smashed by 2nd fireball.I have no idea how to do that.

And it's only easy difficulty.
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Crowley Jan 25 @ 12:29am 
Have you tried holding "down" (or equivalent) to slide?
Elvis II Jan 25 @ 12:36am 
I did this earlier, and it's really no harder than any of the other back-to-back obstacles that the game throws at you. Duck under the first fireball, then short jump to grab the gold, and quickly duck under the next fireball.
MontyB Feb 1 @ 1:31pm 
Just tap the jump button, as soon as you pass the first fireball, so you only perform a small jump and hold down the moment you collect the gold to make sure you are sliding when you land.
Showing 1-3 of 3 comments
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