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This is a fundamentally flawed game.
When I bought this game I expected it to be dull - after all, this is a political sim. However, I didn't anticipate the other horrid aspects of this game. Although Democracy 2 is riddled with small problems that deter it from being a good game many of them can be overlooked - two of them cannot. The first of the two is the messy UI. It's more than user-unfriendly, it's difficult to navigate even after you've mastered the game which makes for a awkward gaming experience. The second of the two issues is a much bigger issue that keeps this game from realizing its potential. The policies you institute in game do not demonstrate logical cause and effect. Why does making alcohol, prostitution and narcotics illegal DECREASE organized crime? If anything this should create a blackmarket for the illegal goods and make organized crime GO UP! Others have pointed out similar problems that demonstrate the same fundamental lack of cause and effect in the game. A lot of time went into this game, but it seems to lack the deep thought necessary to create a political sim. Don't buy this game - you'll be wasting money.
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Cuckles the Clown Mar 23, 2013 @ 11:20am 
You should have wrote this a lot earlier cause now it's to firkin late!
I understand the feeling - I wish I didn't buy this game too.
nomadredd Mar 26, 2013 @ 1:47am 
LOL, how can game creators that think about political simulation do not understand as simple scenario as this one? Anybody who would create a game like this I would imagine would have at the very least read up what happened during the alcohol prohibition days.
fatwednesdayite Mar 29, 2013 @ 9:41am 
The game's not too bad - making all the policies with realistically correspondent outcomes would require a lot of hard work (something not really committed to this game).

Besides, did any of you guys find that your income randomly fluctuates and increases for no reason? It is certainly the most annoying thing about this game for me. One turn I will have a £33bn budget surplus, only to find that it goes to £5bn in a single turn. I know that it's linked to the GDP but bloody hell, such a drop is surely not very realistic.

It's not an amazing game but I do hope that someone bothers to finally make a smooth political simulator that is actually considered good enough by its gamers.
^masamichu^ Apr 9, 2013 @ 1:12pm 
that's the fundamental flaw of any political sim. The results of your policies will inevitably reflect the ideology of the developers.
Yeah. It's absolutely impossible to make a game without any bias - however, this game went beyond a slight bias and seemed to be in the realm of laziness and a lack of effort.
Demonic Cipher Apr 11, 2013 @ 9:05pm 
You do realize when the bar is green next to crime it's actually INCREASING right? It's not about the bar's color, it's about the subject, so if the poverty bar is in the red that's actually good, it's means poverty is DECREASING. I know, the system is a bit finicky in the way it presents information to you but I swear to you, if the crime and violent crime bars are red, that means those subjects are decreasing in frequency. Source: I play the game as the U.S. and I eliminated debt, have a fully paid space and military program, and have maxed state housing, not only that, but I have low taxes as well, no inheirtence tax, no airplane tax, and maxed tax shelters, everything is going fine. Again, if the bar is RED that means it's decreasing, so if I legalized all drugs, crime would increase meaning the bars would be in the GREEN.
Misteur Apr 15, 2013 @ 12:03pm 
Thank you #7, finally someone smart enough.
I understand that, Demonic. What I said in my original post is that the idea of organized crime increasing as a result of making drugs, alcohol, etc. illegal does not make any sense. If anything, making something illegal should create a blackmarket for that product, thereby increasing organized crime.
Serthy Apr 16, 2013 @ 3:31pm 
Actually organised crime would go up if you made drugs gambling and alcohol illegal, thats kind of how it works, if you make drugs legal and tax them, the demand wouldn't be there nor the inflation, the developers did a great job with the sim, it requires of a lot of math and thinking because everything you do refelcts everything in the game, if you decrease crime, housing might go down because your "fighting the drug war", if you increase the private sector, theft goes up because there aren't enough police, i mean i have seen the screenshots of socialist utopia, but actually taxing people fair and not giving everyone what they want is actually quite difficult to do, because you will always have a huge group of people mad at you for one reason or another.
Demonic Cipher Apr 19, 2013 @ 8:03pm 
You're missing my point, I have EVERY drug illegal and crime has DECREASED as a result. You're reading the bars wrong.
No, I'm not missing your point; you're missing mine. Making a drug illegal should not decrease crime, it should increase crime.
nomadredd Apr 23, 2013 @ 7:05pm 
Originally posted by No, This is Patrick:
No, I'm not missing your point; you're missing mine. Making a drug illegal should not decrease crime, it should increase crime.
Yup... making drugs illegal should increase crime (and vice versa) because you will have to put some legal framework around it like during the alcohol prohibition - that was some dark days for gangs/mafia/underground stuff.

Making drugs illegal increases crime because the definition of crime was expanded to include usage of drugs. Imagine a group of American Indian where some for of hallucinating drugs was legal then suddenly you enact a law that says that using this "drugs" are illegal, then what you are actually doing is increasing the number of criminals by definition.

Another simple example is if you make internet illegal, then crime would increase because people will still want to use the internet even it is illegal, same as porn or anything in the world any govt want to control/prohibit.


Of course you should separate the "drug-related-crime" vs "drug usage" crime. Drug usage is a crime only when you use drugs and it is illegal to use drugs. Drug related crime is when you steal a car or drive a car under influence of drugs. Maybe there would be an increase in "drug-related-crime".... or even decrease... we can not tell.. since making drugs illegal does not mean almost always usage of drugs would decrease. Other factors are involved like level of education of person.
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Tin Man Apr 29, 2013 @ 8:28am 
The more things that are illegal the more illegal things will be done. This is a flaw in this game, it should be the other way around, the organized crime should go up when there is prohibition as the black market would demand for the supply, and criminals would organize to supply it.
Exactly. Thank you Nomadredd and Acabobie.
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