Tom Clancy's EndWar
Any Mutiplayers?
Anyone out there?
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my multiplayer is bugging so i can't play this awesome game on the internet
Anyone able to have matches can tell me the avrage amount of players are on?
im on multiplayer alot looking for ppl lol
add ~silentz9~
When Chrismas sales come I want to snag this game again, got it on the 360 it was stolen, loved the armory.
yeah played on xbox thinknig of buying it now
i play on here, no one seems to play it online though? i check back everyday, no ones ever on thoguh
willing to play this on multi
if anyone wants to play this, i can add me on here as a friend and message me when u wanna play
I had it on the 360 as well, and for $10 I'll definitely get it again.
well if u do please add me as a friend and mesage me mate
the multiplayer on xbox 360 and ps3 has gone down and i loved this game!!!! wondering how multiplayer works on pc? is it still up? and if it is how many active players are out there, i mean cmon this game is amazing!
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Показані коментарі 115 із 45
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